More than three and half billion dinars of free medical services provided by the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital.

In a statement issued by the director of the al-Kafeel specialist hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine Dr. Haider Al-Bahadli to al-Kafeel Global Network, saying that the size of the free medical and therapeutic services provided by the hospital has reached more than three and a half billion dinars in two years only. These services are provided to many categories mostly the needy, those have limited income, the wounded and families of the security forces and the popular mobilization.

Al-Bahadli added: "Since its opening and in accordance with the directions of the General Secretariat of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, the hospital has set aside space for these groups by following a specific mechanism to receive them and provide them with services." He stressed at the same time: "The hospital is still continuing to provide these services following rules set by its administration that are proportionate to the huge numbers of these categories."

"The services were either surgical operations at all levels or medical examinations or treatments, some of which was by giving discounts. The beneficiaries of these services are received through coordination with charitable and humanitarian institutions inside and outside the holy province of Karbala."

Al-Bahadli pointed out that "free services are not confined to inside the hospital, but that there are tours carried out by its teams, especially the " Doctors Without Wage" project, which targets remote areas and villages that suffer from lack of medical or therapeutic services, and thus they are examined in these areas under the supervision of a specialized medical and nursing staff, that show the appropriate treatments for them and refer the incurable cases to the hospital."

Stressing that "the volume of funds imposed on the hospital in return for water and electricity services to the concerned ministries is very large in addition to the large amounts of wages provided to doctors and other nursing and technical staff coming from Arab and foreign countries to serve the citizens, as well as the wages of the medical, nursing, technical and administrative staff, who contributed to the provision of quality services to patients inside Iraq, without having to travel to other countries in search of treatment, which all require huge amounts of money, and thus the services of the hospital cannot be completely for free."

To inquire about the hospital's services, visit or contact the following numbers: (07602344444 and 07602329999).
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