AlKafeel Global Network introduces new window named

When the distance between you and your beloved one is very long...

And when you live moments of a beautiful dream to convey what is going on your mind to him...

And when fate smiles to you and someone carries your love and longing letter to your beloved one...

There is no doubt that this is a rare opportunity for lovers.

But the technical staff working in the AlKafeel Global Network committed themselves to convey the messages of the loyal believers written with tears of hope to the shelter of "the care taker" and "the gate of the needs"; Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), this precious opportunity that was a dream for those loyal devotees has turned into reality, through the introduction of a new window under the title: "a letter to the shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him)", to add this service to the series of services that the network has been adding from time to time harnessing all its possibilities for it.

The page, according to Sayed. Haidar Mamitha, the official of the Internet Division, which manages the AlKafeel Global Network, stated: "It was designed and programmed by the staffs of the Division, who took into account many technical matters that keep abreast of the developments in this field, taking into account the ease of use and confidentiality of the sent messages, and a specialized staff has been appointed to manage them."

He added: "The page comes within the interactive pages, where any user of the website of AlKafeel Network can enter the page and can send his message according to a mechanism that works on all other Network Web sites that are not limited to the Arabic website. And that these messages are printed and placed inside the sanctuary's grid of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him)."

Sayed. Mamitha explained that the page have many features, including:

- Create a search engine that's easy to use.

- Each user can chose either to make a special account through which the message can be sent or send it without an account.

- The user can send more than one message.

- The page works in all languages ​​supported by the AlKafeel Network website.

- User notifications will be sent to the e-mail if the message is accepted and printed, as well as a notice that appears on the page where it was registered.

- Page works on all mobile devices, tablets and computers.

- Ajax technology was used in the programming of the page.

- Search is easy to use by using the message code which consists of 8 letters and numbers.

- Acceptable limits of Internet service have been observed in implementing these updates for this window.

To view these and other features, please visit the following link:
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