Sayed. al-Safi: It is normal to falsify history because revolutions and victories are usually made by heroes and harvested by cowards.

The senior official of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Sayed. Ahmad al-Safi, said that history is normal to falsify, because the revolutions and victories are usually made by the heroes and harvested by the cowards, so history teaches us if you do not record the course of things starting from your admission after the issuance of the fatwa to this day. Even if the blogging, expression or line is not good, because after years it is difficult to prove that you fought and your efforts may be confiscated, and if confiscated, we need evidence and proof to show to the reader.

This came the meeting his eminence had with a group of the fighters from the formations of the Squad of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, adding: "There was a small group of companions with Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), who were the elite of people, and we heard that when Sayed. al-Sistani is visited by some of the brothers from the popular mobilizations, he used to say that they remind him the companions of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), and we heard from him directly and asked him to write something special about the martyrs, because have the intention to make some kind of appreciation certificates and distribute to the families of the martyrs, so we have asked him to write a message for the praise of the martyrs, and actually he wrote with his hands the expression that got famous."

You have to thank God so much for this success by the fact that you left the pleasures of this world and rushed to the battlefields, and each of you when he goes to the fronts he is expecting the martyrdom, but Allah Almighty when He kept you alive until you get other responsibilities, without any doubt the Almighty will give him large bounties that he will see your life, which requires many thanks, as other people in your age preferred other matters and did not receive this blessing that you have, so congratulation to you for such a gracious and glorified position."

Sayed. al-Safi said: "There is a point that we emphasize on as it is important. Of course, today you are witnesses to what is going on at the heart of the event, but after 50 years or more you need evidence other than today. Today you are witnesses on what is going on and the events, but after a period of time this oral memory does not remain, what is the alternative to it? The alternative is to document and write about all the course of things"

He added: "Now you have to write down all the things that have lived in the fronts because after years it is difficult to prove that you fought and these efforts may be confiscated and if confiscated we will need evidence and proof to the reader, and history has passed many incidents did not reach us in its correct form because liars and forgers have falsified history, which is stated by some writers and Orientalists and traded to this day."

Explaining: "We are working on compiling an in-depth encyclopaedia of these matters. This encyclopaedia will consist of (25) volumes, and we have started it and some of its parts are completed, but we need your help and the help your comrades to tell us stories and events that you lived so as not to be truncated, and also to document this other side. As after decades, generations are wondering what our fathers and grandfathers did during the period in which Iraq was subjected to occupation by ISIL. One of them likes to raise his head and be proud of you saying: My father or grandfather has contributed in the liberation of Iraq from the gangs of ISIL and responded to the call of the religious authority and have participated in too many battles. This is his history and his diary showing what he did along with his colleagues in order to protect the country."

He concluded: "The Iraqi people have many positive features, but we have one negative characteristic is that we do not document these events, as if a party came and said that they made this, we would not have the proof to reject their words, Thus, documenting, even verbally, by keeping records for your grandchildren who will enjoy your voice and take pride in what you have done in this period of Iraqi history."

After that, the leader of the formations of the squad of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) Sheikh Karim Al-Khaqani reviewed the most important districts under their control as well as the battles they waged, in addition to the number of its fighters, weapons and military equipment. After that, they offered the banner of the squad with another gift to Sayed. Ahmad al-Safi.
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