Finalize the launch of the second edition of "The Spirit of Prophethood" Festival

The Preparatory Committee for the Spirit of Prophethood Festival, which will be established by the Women's Al-Kafeel Schools Division at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, has announced that it has begun finalizing the second edition of the festival, by intensifying its meetings and working on implementing the decisions of these meetings on the ground in order to produce a festival that will be at the levels of international festivals, and commensurate with what suits the status and the place of Lady. Fatima az-Zahra (peace be upon her), which is held in commemoration of her blessed birth anniversary and highlighting the religious, social and family aspects of this noble personality under the slogan: "Fatima (Peace be upon her), fayd al-Nada [the effluence of dew] and Nasim Al-Jinan [the breeze of heavens]".

President of the preparatory committees of the festival Professor Boshra Jabbar Kanani briefed us on the most important final preparations. "We put the finishing touches to the festival, which will be launched next Thursday, God willing, where many meetings were held with the five sub-committees that were chosen and that represent the seven women divisions of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, and the officials of these committees have shown that most of the work assigned to each committee has been completed, each according to its specialization, as the Media Committee has prepared an integrated media plan adopted by Al-Kafeel Radio and The Women's Library to create an integrated media situation using various media tools such as radio and press interviews, coordination with media networks, satellite channels and news agencies in order to put a fingerprint in the world of journalism and information for women. "

She added that the Scientific Committee chaired by Dr. Karima Al-Madani has outlined the academic research to contribute to the development of the Iraqi and Arab women's entities and to enhance their family and social culture through the investment of the scientific side in building a solid society with heritage and culture of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them). "

And about the Relations Committee, Kanani said: "This committee has made many preparations throughout the year by communicating with the invited guests and providing logistical support to attend and coordinate in order to create an environment suitable for the festival guests there from outside Iraq and this requires additional work and effort."

As for the place that will host the event, it is the center of Siddiqa Tahira (peace be upon her), and according to Kanani: "Work is under way in order to create the opening hall of the festival and other halls that will embrace the rest of the events."

She concluded: "What we expect on the twentieth of Jumada II and what we hope is the success of the festival - God willing - which will be the fruit of these preparations and fruitful cooperation between the committees that have made great efforts and various participations from the Zainabiyat Department, the Women's Library Division, the Radio Department, al-'Ameed Schools, and the Institute of the Holy Quran of the Department of Knowledge Affairs as well as the administration and staff of Siddiqa Tahira Center."

It is worth mentioning that the purpose of the festival is to show the status of Lady Fatima az-Zahra (peace be upon her) in all dimensions and to reveal her intellectual manifestations through research that presents and highlights her scientific status and provides libraries with information about this great personality and her intellectual impact in society.
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