Relief Committee of the office of His Eminence Sayed al-Sistani sends assistance to the displaced of al-Qa'em and confirms that its work continues until the return of the last displaced to his home.

Despite the liberation of what was plundered from the land of Iraq by the terrorist ISIL gangs and the start of displaced families to return their home, but there are a large number of families that are still in the camps of displacement and suffer from difficult living conditions, including displaced camp of al-Qa'em in 'Ameriyah Fallujah, who sent an urgent call for relief to the Relief Committee of the office of His Eminence Sayed al-Sistani, who has not hesitated to provide relief, and this was its tradition since the first moments of the wave of displacement and was present in all provinces that received the displaced.

The head of the committee, Sayed. Shahid al-Moussawi, informed us of this relief station: "After receiving the distress call by the office of the supreme religious authority Sayed. al-Sistani, our committee headed to the camp to transport the relief. This is what we have been working on since the beginning of the displacement movement, whether after receiving a distress call or without it, as we have a timetable and a schedule that we follow to distribute aid and we are continuing our work until the last displaced person returns to his home. "

He added: "The aid included the distribution of 500 food baskets containing eight items, in addition to (2,000) pieces of clothing for children, which were distributed by the staff of the Committee to the displaced families in cooperation with camp officials."

Sayed. Shahid said: "The joy of the displaced people was evident in the words of thanks and praise to the Supreme Religious Authority from both men, women and children, where their joy was evident when they changed their old clothes with new ones and felt a sense of familiarity and affection. The displaced people stated that Iraqi society can not abandon what is called the spirit of brotherhood and solidarity, and the work of the Supreme Religious authority from humanitarian initiatives that promote these qualities and social values ​​in society. "

It is to mention that the aid convoys carried out by the Relief Committee continue to operate within a predetermined timetable either in the refugees' camps or in the liberated cities in order to relieve the burden of these families and make the feel that the Supreme Religious Authority is a safe haven for all Iraqis of all colors and sects in order to remove the misty picture drawn by its enemies.
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