The Center for the Manuscripts' Imaging and Archive strengthens its documentary archive with more than 900 newspapers dating back to different periods of Iraqi history

The Center for the Manuscripts' Imaging and Archive of the Library and House of Manuscripts Division of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has taken upon itself many projects that serve the researchers on the one hand, and on the other hand, preserving the heritage and the wide utilization of it. In a step which is the first of its kind for its work, By imaging more than 900 newspapers in the archives of the Iraqi Library and Documents dating back to different periods of time in the history of modern Iraq.

Professor Salah Mahdi Abdel Wahab, director of the Center for imaging and cataloging manuscripts at the Holy Shrine, said in an interview with the al-Kafeel network: "Our work was not limited to imaging the important manuscripts or documents which we master it and we have important archives of it, but we started having the experience to imaging Iraqi newspapers of different time periods from the history of modern Iraq, and is a witness to the events passed by this country, where it was agreed with the Iraqi Book and documents House in order to portray these newspapers, as part of joint work agreements between us."

He added: "The center has a technical cadre specialized in the field of imaging equipped with advanced equipment and devices, the outputs were good and raise the ambition and we were able, God willing, to photograph more than 900 newspapers dating from different periods of history of modern Iraq, and this stage is only the beginning of other stages."

Mr. Salah said: "The Department of Iraqi Books and Documents House, through what it has seen and witnessed from the seriousness of the work, has shown its full cooperation with the Center in order to create a state of cooperation and joint work and benefit from the experiences of both parties and work to direct and employ them in the right direction through holding scientific and practical workshops and seminars."
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