Faculty of Medicine at the al-'Ameed University highlights the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is one of the treatments that can be used for a variety of chronic and severe diseases. It has been used in most international hospitals and has achieved good therapeutic results. The Faculty of Medicine at Al-'Ameed University of the Higher Education and Education Authority in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has taken upon itself many matters, including opening up to the international educational and academic institutions and work to learn from their experiences, and to find ways and mechanisms of action to develop these experiences and translate them on the ground, and to benefit them both in the theoretical and in the practical field, based on many data in this area, including the organization and holding scientific seminars and workshops, and the symposium held today is one of these mechanisms.

The symposium was held on Wednesday, 18 Jumada II 1439H (corresponding to March 7, 2018) at the Central Hall of the Faculty of Medicine at Al-'Ameed University, hosting the Iraqi expatriate doctor Mahdi Abdullah, Professor of Internal Medicine at New York University, and wounds care specialist in the United States, who presented for the attendees from professors, academicians and specialists in the field of medicine, a scientific symposium entitled: (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, its various uses and impact in modern medicine).

The lecturer professor explained many things related to oxygen therapy, which is not a new method of treatment, but known for a long time, and is currently used in the treatment of various diseases achieving positive results.

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Al-'Ameed University Dr. Samir Hassan Al-Rikabi explained to Al-Kafeel Network the nature of this symposium, saying: "We seek to establish these lectures and seminars to contribute to improving the medical level of Iraq, and work to keep abreast of its development, including oxygen therapy, which is one of the treatments to deal with multiple disease cases, as in Iraq, we need to use such kinds of treatments."

It is noteworthy that the al-'Ameed University is one of the most important educational institutions of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, and has opened the first Faculty of Medicine at the level of private medicine, by the application of a curriculum of global education, and in order to strengthen it, it occasionally organizes conferences, seminars, lectures and host academic figures who have the expertise in this field in order to benefit from it and employ it in the right direction to serve the interest of the scientific movement and make it in the ranks of international academic institutions.
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