Al-‘Ameed University holds a scientific seminar on Chinese needles treatment.

In the context of the interest of the al-'Ameed University of the Authority of Education and Higher Education in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in public and health matter, and to complement the series of its scientific and specialized seminars, the Faculty of Medicine organized a scientific symposium on the interpretation of the most important scientific theories of acupuncture treatment under the title: (Acupuncture: tale or fact) in its central hall in the presence of a number of professors and teachers of the university as well as its Dean, Dr. Jassim Mohammed Al-Marzougui, and a large group of students.

The symposium was lectured by Dr. Amir Nuri Jalukhan Chinese acupuncture specialist, who explained many things related to this treatment, such as that Chinese Acupuncture is a science in itself even if we do not know much about it, and many parts of the world resort to many sciences away from traditional medicine, including this science, because of its many benefits. He also indicated that Chinese acupuncture theory is older than five thousand years, and during this period many additions contributed to enhancing the level of treatment using Chinese needles. And he also explained the principles of the use of acupuncture and the modern theories in the treatment of diseases by acupuncture, as well as scientific explanations for its work, the cases that require acupuncture to heal, and methods of identifying acupuncture points in the motor nerve sites.

For his part, Dr. Jassem Al Marzougui, President of al-'Ameed University, said: "This seminar is part of the activities of the university which aims to raise the academic and educational level, as well as medical awareness and introduce students to everything new in the medical field, as well as the latest treatment methods such as the use of Chinese acupuncture, which use has recently been increasing, which requires a discussion of the reasons for its use and the achieved results."

It is noteworthy that the al-'Ameed University is one of the most important educational institutions of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, and has opened the first Faculty of Medicine at the level of private medicine, by the application of a curriculum of global education, and in order to strengthen it, it occasionally hosts academic or specialist personalities with experience in this field, in order to benefit from their expertise and employ it in the right direction to serve the interest of the scientific movement in it and make it in the ranks of international academic institutions.
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