Mourning Procession; The Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Imam Musa e Kazem AS

The Procession
Sticking on the saying of Allah "The one who respects the symbols of Allah shows his pity" the staff of al imam al Hussein and al Abbas holy shrines shared a meeting about al imam al Kazem death day, Saturday 16 of June 2012. Many visitors shares as well.

The start point was from al Abbas holy shrine, where symbolic funeral has been held. Passing the area between the holy shrines, they got in the holy shrine of al imam al Hussein, and a meeting held, husseini poem as well. After that the associates of the holy shrines moved toward al Abbas holy shrine, where they end the walk there.

The participators remembered the great role that al imam played during his life as well as the Ahl al Bayt, AS, great path.

It is well to be mentioned that the black color covered many supermarkets, and building in the holy city of Karbala.

Many buses provided by the holy shrines toward Kazymia holy city.
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