Sayed al-Safi: Najaf is still oppressed, despite its deep and delicate heritage.

The Senior Official of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Sayed Ahmad al-Safi said: "I firmly believe that Najaf is still oppressed, despite its deep and delicate heritage in all areas. Unfortunately, for the time being, we have nothing but regret."

This was part of his speech at the opening ceremony of the International Conference on the Renewal of the History Industry and its Writing held by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in cooperation with the Bahr Al-Uloum Charitable Foundation under the slogan: (The Hawza is the Pioneering of renewal), which was launched on Thursday (26 Jumada II 1439 AH) corresponding to March 15, 2018 and continues for two days.

He added: "History in general represents the development of human movement on this earth, it is a compilation of incidents that the present is looking at to understand their cultural, intellectual, physical and personal effects."

He added: "These events may vary greatly in form and substance. You may find some naive daily events that represent only a personal situation. And on the other side, you may find great events that have generated and have produced tremendous transformations in the life of a whole society, such as the uprising movements of Prophets, reformers and scientists, or scientific discoveries that changed the style of coexistence, or destructive wars that have crushed millions of people, or those historical incidents founded the course of doctrines and ideas..."

Al-Safi continued: "Our Islamic history is fraught with great problems, and when we browse history we find that some historical incidents were so intense that shook the nation at the time. These incidents represented a personal point of view that evolved into a doctrine, which is a historical problem. As we will see, God willing, in our conference, there are parts of history that we should meditate on as they are a great lessons for us."

"The important thing is that historical events have generated doctrinal visions that have an impact on our public life in one form or another, and it is no doubt that sorting out the facts and the truth from lies from this historical accumulation of great incidents is not an easy task, if not impossible, especially when we do no find any text about some time within the course of history or the absence of objectivity in other texts as we find in some historical encyclopedias. "

Sayed. Al-Safi said: "Najaf has, thanks to its important geographical position, a deep and accurate historical impact in the course of matters of very important ideological, intellectual, political and literary fields. And this attempt that was adopted by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine with the Bahr Al-Uloum Foundation in the manufacture and writing of history, is only that It is a step at the beginning of the road to paint a clearer picture of history. As, taking lessons from the history was recommended by the religion. The Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) says in his will to his son Imam al-Hassan: "Accept good exhortations and refresh your mind with them...and compel it to study the lives of past people. Persuade it to see the ruined cities, the dilapidated palaces, decaying signs and relics of fallen empires of past nations. Then meditate over the activities of those people..."

Sayed al-Safi added: "We are on the threshold of research, visions and ideas of the present brothers, asking God Almighty to bestow success to everyone and that this conference is the first of the upcoming conferences to pay tribute to this large and ancient city."
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