Launch of the research sessions of the International Conference on the renewal of the Industry of History and its Writings.

After the end of the opening ceremony of the International Conference on Renewal in the History Industry and Writings by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in collaboration with the Bahr al-Ulum Charitable Foundation under the slogan: (The Hawza is the Pioneering of renewal), the activities of the research sessions began with the participation of researchers from inside and outside Iraq according to the axes announced by the Preparatory Committee for the Conference.

During the first day, the three research sessions were held in the Hall of Sheikh al-Tusi in the foundation, as follows:

The first session was chaired by Sayed. Ali Al-Hakim, included the summaries of six researches:

- Research titled: (Kufa resistance to British colonialism in the 'Ishrin revolution: Kufa conference as a model) of the researcher Professor Mohamed Abdel Rahman Arif from Egypt.

- Research entitled: (Attitudes of the scholars of the Hawza in Najaf and its struggle against the British occupation: Mujahid Sayed. Mohammad Kadhem Tabatabai as a selected model) of the researcher Sheikh Dr. Sahib Mohammed Hussein Nassar from Iraq.

- Research entitled: (heroic role of scholars of the Hawza in Najaf in the face of the British occupation) of the researcher Professor Dina Fouad Jawad from Iraq.

- Research entitled: (The Fatwas of Jihad fall conspiracy on the people and the country) of the researcher Dr. Mohammed Amin Korani of Lebanon.

- Research entitled: (The Shrine of Imam Ali peace be upon him and its urban history) of the researcher Dr. Marziya Mohamad Zadeh from Iran.

- Research entitled: (Scientists of the Hawza and the industry of history during the period of occupation and British Mandate) of the researcher Sayed. Hashim Shubar of Britain.

The second session was chaired by Dr. Sheikh Khalid Al-Tamimi, including the summaries of following four researches:

- Research entitled: (political vision of Sheikh Khorasani) of the researcher Dr. Mohammad Salehi from Iran.

- Research entitled: (Writing history and cultural challenge by Sheikh Jafar al-Shoshtari-1230/1303) of the researchers Dr. Mehran Ismaili and Dr. Mohamed Hussein Manzour from Iran.

- Research entitled: (the impact of scholars of Najaf in terms of terminology in the Safavid state: Investigator Karaki as a model) of the researcher Dr. Nawfal Abdul Amir Al-Hamami from Iraq.

- Research entitled: (study of the correspondence of the constitutional scholars in the Hawza of Najaf Al-Ashraf on the Iranian constitutional revolution) by the researcher Mohammed Ali Gelonker from Iran.

The closing session of these research sessions included the summaries of six researches:

- Research entitled: (features of the historical approach of the Islamic thinker Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Hakim: The book of the doctrine poet as a model) of the researcher Dr. Alaa Eddin Sayed Mohammed Taqi al-Hakim from Iraq.

- Research entitled: (Sheikh Mohammed Redha Jaafari and renewal in Islamic history) of the researcher Mohammed Redha Al-Khakani from Iraq.

- Research entitled: (Sayed. Hussein Baraki Najafi and his role in the writing of history) to researcher Esra Abbas Abd from Iraq.

- Research entitled: (Sayed. Abdul-Razzaq al-Muqarram, a study in his biography and social activity 1316-1391 AH / 1898-1971) of the researchers Dr. Shaker Majid Kadhem and Mr. Haider Abdul Razzaq Jafar from Iraq.

- Research entitled: (narrative structure in the historical novel by Sayed. Mohammed Bahr al-Ulum) of the researcher assistant teacher Inas Mohammed Mahdi from Iraq.

- Research entitled: (the method of historical writing of Sheikh al-Tusi in his book: al-Amali) of the researcher hadiyah taqavi from Iran.

The research sessions provided valuable additional information during many interventions, observations and questions by the attendees, in which the researchers clarified some points.

It is hoped that the rest of the research sessions will be resumed on Friday at the Imam al-Hassan Hall (Peace be upon him) at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.
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