The Two Holy Shrines Mourning the Demise of the Islamic Historian, Sheik Baqir Sharif

Sheik Quraishi
The two holy shrines of imam Hussein and his brother Al Abbas AS in the holy city of Karbala mourns the demise of the Islamic historian Sheik Baqir Sharif Al Quraishi who died Sunday 26 Rajab 1433 - Jun. 17 2012.

A statement of mourning issued by the two General Secretariats of the Two Holy Shrines stating:
In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
It is narrated about Imam Ali saying: if a Muslim Scholar died, he would break the Islamic religion). With great sadness, the two holy shrines mourns the demise of the historian scholar sheik Baqir Sharif who died Sunday 26 Rajab 1433 – Jun. 17, 2012 after along carrier of studying and writing. May God Almighty send him into Paradise, Amen.

On another perspective, the spokesman of Al Abbas Holy Shrine, Hajj Ali Al Safar pointed out that the servants of the holy shrines announced their readiness to receive the funeral well to be done perfectly.

It is mentioned that the sheik provided the Arabic Islamic library with so many researches and books in addition to owning the library of Imam Hassan AS in Najaf that contains so many resources of Islamic books written by him. The sheik was born in Hilla, Babylon in 1927. He brought up there with his brother sheik Hadi Quraishi then they established the library of imam Hassan AS 1414 AH – 1993 AD.
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