Everything Ready for Rabaee al Shahada Festival VIII

Under the framework known as (Imam Hussein is the light of Message and way of justice) the staff of the holy shrines of al imam al Hussein and al Abbas completed everything to launch Spring of Martyrdom Festival VIII from 3-7 of Shaban 1433.

Sayed Aqeel al Yasery, the head of Media Committee announced to Alkafeel "Preparatory committee completed all aspects to establish Rabaee al Shahada Festival VIII to show the great role that the holy shrines of the holy city of Karbala play".

Added "There will be many religious, cultural activities. The role of al imam al Hussein in leading the nation and his uprising will be shown. In addition; book and CDs fair will be shared in the holy courtyard of Lady Zainab holy shrine. Quran meetings and religious lectures are from the activities as well; moreover poetry meetings, researches from Iraq and other Arab and Islamic countries".

Claimed "there are more than 45 states participate the festival and 5 in the book fair. Publish houses are more than 100 houses and cultural establishments. The book fair will be from 1-10 of Shabban".

The chairman of the Festival security, Hajj Fadel Awaz declared "Delegations from the outside of Iraq have been arrived the holy city of Karbala. The first delegation was from Norway, the head of Islamic Tawhid Center, Sayed Shamshad Hussein.

There is collaboration with Police office of Karbala to facilitate the movement of delegations as we as collaboration with passports offices in Baghdad and An Najaf airports".

It is well to be mentioned that this festival holds and sponsors by the holy shrines of al imam al Hussein and la Abbas on the occasion of their birthdays.
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