After manufacturing the columns, the staffs working on the project of the new cage of the Holy Tomb finished its last part.

In Record Time and Iraqi Hands: All the Parts of The New Cage of Al Abbas AS Tomb is Manufactured

Base of the Column
The cadres working on the project of manufacturing a new cage for the tomb of Al Abbas AS finished the last part of the cage (the base of the column) to be placed under each column of the cage. This was declared to Alkafeel net by Ra’ad Hussein Al Khafaji in charge of the project.

He added: after achieving this, all the parts of the cage is done which include the columns, and other things.

He also added: the number of the bases of the columns is 18 pieces distributed on all the parts of the cage. Each base is 2.5 m thick a little bit more than the previous ones. The increase is in the thickness of gold used in the project.

Al Khafaji explained: these pieces are also characterized by being finely manufactured. It is also made of silver (999) mixed with gold to have more cute look.

He clarified: the accuracy and technology used in manufacturing this project is the first of its kind, not only in Iraq, but in all the countries that manufacture the cages for the Holy Tobms.

It is mentioned that the aim of manufacturing this cage is to fill the need of the Holy Shrines in Iraq of goldsmithing and manufacturing cages for the Holy Tombs, and also to maintain the old cages .
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