Quran Session During Summer in the Holy Shrine

The Session in the Holy Shrine
The institute of the holy Quran in al Abbas holy shrine established sessions to teach and learn the holy Quran due to summer holiday.

The chairman of the institute, Sheik Mohammed al Salami announced to Alkafeel "The aim of the holy shrine is showing the core and the culture of the holy book for all people especially pupils. The knowledge of the holy Quran is a cure against the enemy of Islam".

Added "Professional lecturers teach the students. Learners can; memorize, how to read, tajweed (intonation), the meaning of the words as well as explanation the lines of the holy Quran. In addition; lessons how to pray, and life of Ahl al Bayt, AS, moreover lessons in morals of Islam".

Explained "More than 600 students shared the session. They distributed to groups, each group holds name from Ahl Al Bayt, AS. The time of the meeting is from 9 am till 12 pm in the holy shrine. There are four lessons every day. Thursday and Friday are off. There is uniform and buses to transport students".

Participators and parents were so happy with the great role that the holy shrine uses to show the holy Quran in the best way.
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