More than 45 States; Launching Rabaee al Shahada Festival VIII

3 Shaban 1433-Jun. 24, 2012
The third day of Shaban 1433, 24 of June 2012 the holy shrines of al imam al Hussein and al Abbas launched the international, cultural Rabaee al Shahada festival VIII on the occasion of al Hussein and al Abbas birthdays.

Religious, academic, political, cultural, social figures, and researchers as well as representatives of Religious Authority with Sayed Saleh al Haydari, head of Shiite council shared launching meeting; moreover the general secretaries of imam Ali, al Hussein, Kazemya and al Abbas holy shrines. Also visitors attended the meeting.

More than 30 channels broadcasted start point from al imam al Hussein holy shrine. The ceremony started with reciting lines of holy Quran. Then the speech of al Hussein and al Abbas holy shrines done by al Hussein general secretary, Sheik Abd al Mahdi al Karbalai.
Said "It is great thing to see our brethren from 50 states".

He congratulated Islamic nation in this happy occasion. And added "The aim of this festival is to let the moral of Islam the source of happiness. Also showing the great path that imam Hussein used during his uprising in Karbala battle which is the base to the coming one, al imam al Mahdi uprising".

Explained "Iraq is the cradle of civilizations, and Karbala is the core of the cradle since al imam al Hussein established the moral lessons of prophets and messengers in this city. We have to be on the way of al imam al Hussein to establish great base to the coming leading of al imam al Mahdi".

The coming of visitors from all parts of the world is a proof that there is a great role here guide people to the right way.

The chairman of Shiite council said "Depending on the saying of the prophet Muhammad, PBUH, (Hussein is from me and I am from Hussein) we can see that the birthday of al imam is a new start point to new life after the birthday of Muhammad".
Al Haydari showed that al imam al Hussein is a life boat, we have to join to be in the save side.
Sheik Khaleel Shuqair from Lebanon read a poem about al imam al Hussein.
Sheik Othman from Mali thanked the general secretary of the holy shrines. Said that this meeting showed the advanced level of al imam al Hussein uprising in all aspects especially the humanity.

From Colombia Dr. Aurtorzyatafelzanwa said in Spain language "Iraq is the cradle of civilizations and the spring of knowledge, and the proof is the choice of al imam Ali to al Kufa as a capital. We are in the 21 century where Iraq established a meeting calls for peace. All civilizations appreciate martyrs and al imam al Hussein is one of them. Al imam al Hussein stood against the wrong that people faced at that time".

He asked to link al Hawza (the religious authority) with states that speak with Spain language to show the great path of Ahl al Bayt.

The chairman of Middle East and North Africa Section from ministry of economy in German, Dr. Klaus Hach Maur showed that they came from Germany to Karbala for the greatness that gained from al imam al Hussein. He added "There are more than 7 million Muslims in Germany we have to show the great path of imam al Hussein".

At the end Enshad al Atabateen band read lines of poetry under the title Rabaee al Shanada and Aynyat al Jawahry that showed the brightness of al imam al Hussein.
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