The Relief Committee of the Office of the Supreme Religious Authority continues to provide assistance to the displaced in the camps 'Ameriya Fallujah.

The Relief Committee of the Office of the Supreme Religious Authority Sayed al-Sistani, continues to provide necessary assistance to the displaced, according to the temporary and spatial plan set for its work this time in the camps for the displaced in 'Ameriya Fallujah, after receiving their calls to help them as they suffer from tragic situations that need help.

The head of the committee, Sayed Shahid al-Mosawi stated: "After receiving the call of distress sent to the office of the Supreme Religious Authority Sayed al-Sistani, our committee headed to the camp to help them and provide them with relief assistance, which was our work since the start of the displacement movement as we have a schedule that we follow to distribute the aid, and we are continuing our work until the return of the last displaced to his home."

He added: "The aid included 700 food baskets in addition to 2.500 pieces of clothing for children, distributed by the staff of the Committee to the displaced families in cooperation with camp officials."

Al-Mosawi explained: "The displaced thanked Sayed al-Sistani for his rapid response to directing his assistance to these families, who are living in difficult conditions, considering this gesture showing his fatherhood and the interest of His Eminence with all his children from all sects in Iraq. Stating: We have great hope in the supreme religious authority to preserve the unity of Iraq an urging the officials to be loyal in taking care of all citizens through his wise guidance provided in Friday sermons, to be a platform for building and providing services to citizens. The displaced asked the committee to convey their greetings to his eminence Sayed al-Sistani."

It is to mention that the aid convoys carried out by the Relief Committee continue to operate within a predetermined timetable either in the refugees' camps or in the liberated cities in order to relieve the burden of these families and make the feel that the Supreme Religious Authority is a safe haven for all Iraqis of all colors and sects in order to remove the misty picture drawn by its enemies.
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