The names of the winners of the research competition of the 8th Women's Conference within the festival of the Martyrdom's Spring.

The committee supervising the research competition for the 8th Women's Research Conference in the 14th World Cultural Festival of the Martyrdom's Spring announced the names of the winners of the research competition which were as follows:

The first winner: Shaimaa Sami Ibrahimi for her research (media and its role in achieving victory).

Second winner: Dr. Yousra Shaker Jassim on her research entitled (dimensions of faith in the positions of Jihad in the Duaa Al-Thoghour).

Third winner: Dr. Prof. Fadilah Aboussi Mohsen for her research (military strategy in the Dua of Ahl al-Thoghour of Imam Zayn al-Abideen peace be upon him. Analysis Study)

The Committee has shown that the total research submitted was (46) research from inside and outside Iraq, and were all evaluated according to scientific method under the supervision of a competent scientific committee.
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