Conclusion of the 8th Women's Conference held within the 14th World Cultural Festival of the Martyrdom's Spring.

On Sunday evening, the 5th of Sha'ban 1439 AH corresponding to the April 22, 2018, the 8th Women's Conference was concluded. The closing day included the word of the participating delegations delivered by Zina al-Janoudi from Lebanon, in which he expressed the appreciation for the great efforts made by the holy shrines to exchange ideas and develop the cultural reality, as well as giving the opportunity to participate in this festival. Then Dr. Tuba Kermani, President of the Women's Union in the Islamic Republic of Iran delivered her word in which she explained the importance of the festival and the necessity of women's participation in such forums that are a pride to the Islamic world. Followed by the speech of the preparatory committees presented by Professor Bushra al-Kinani, head of schools of the AlKafeel religious schools and head of the supreme committee of supervising the annual celebrations, in which she thanked the attendees to participate in this great cultural even, showing the importance of participating in it to develop the women cultural reality.

The wife of the Senior Official of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine stated: "The festival is a cultural event that highlights the pioneering role of Iraqi and Arab women alike, and an opportunity for them even if they are not involved in research, because their mere presence is a great gain for them, as whatever we read and studied, we need these gatherings and festivals to exchange ideas, share visions and raise awareness."

Indicating: "This is not the only women's festival sponsored by the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine. In the month of Jumada Thaniya, it held the Spirit of Prophethood Festival, which is dedicated to the thoughts, visions and life of Lady. Az-Zahra (peace be upon her) and women in general, as well as sponsoring many women's cultural, media and scientific events and activities. "

The guests expressed their happiness to participate in the festival, which is the largest cultural forum for women, and showed admiration for the organization and hospitality, which characterized the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine.
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