Within the Activties of the Rabee AL Shahada Festival VIII A Poetic Eve in Al Abbas Holy Shrine

Poetic Eve
Within the activities of the festival, a poetic eve launched in AL Abbas Holy Shrine on Shaban 4th 1433 – Jun. 25, 2012 at 9.00 p.m. 12 poets from inside and outside Iraq participated in the poetic eve. The ceremony began with a recitation of some verses from the Holy Quran to be followed by the recitations of the poems by the participating poets tackling our devotion to the Ahlulbayt AS.

Many poets participated in the eve from Kuwait, Sudan, and form the Iraqi provinces Muthana, Baghdad, Basra, Thi Qar, Qadisyah, Najaf, Wasit and Karbala. All the poets tackled the love for the Ahlulbayt AS and their role in saving the whole humanity from darkness and guiding it to the right path.

The poets pointed out: during our existence in Al Abbas Holy Shrine, we presented to the whole world a message that the poets of the Ahlulbayt are messengers of peace to the entire world.

They explained: the festival is getting better and better in terms of academic and cultural figures, and also to get all the human cultures from the man of Humanity, imam Hussein AS.

It is mentioned that the festival of Rabee AL Shahada VIII launched and funded by the Two Holy Shrines since its foundation seven years ago commemorating the birth of Imam Hussein AS
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