New modern update to the application of the AlKafeel Global Network.

In line with the development of applications for smart phones and harnessing them in the right direction, the technical staff working in the Internet Division of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has issued, in continuation of the series of continuous updates, a new and sophisticated update to the application of AlKafeel Global Network on smart phones operating systems of iPhone and Android. The update came to make the use of the application more easy and modern, overcoming all the gaps that existed previously.

The update, according to the officials, is considered as a quantum leap at the level of applications' updates, which characterized by the following specifications:

1 - Modern and attractive design.

2 - Adding more cameras to the live broadcast window, as is the case in the official site.

3 - A comprehensive change to the picture library with the addition of (Like, Download and Share).

4 - Comprehensive change to the video library with a beautiful and easy way to display the videos.

5 - New design for "the Ziyarat by proxy" by adding the possibility of creating a special account through which the person can register for the Ziyarat.

6 - New and modern design of the audio library that makes it easier to browse.

7 - Improve the way the notifications are received so that they become faster and more effective than before.

8 - Add the search feature within the images.

9 - Improve application performance and speed of movement between its sections.

10 - The possibility of operating the application in line with the available Internet service.

The application of the AlKafeel Global Network is the official website of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine on the smart phones (iPhone-Android). This application contains many windows and pages, such as the news of the holy shrine, audio library, picture library and Ziyarat by proxy. This work has been fully programmed by the staff of the Internet Division of the department of intellectual and cultural affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, and can be downloaded from the following links:

For Android phones: click here.

For iPhone phones: click here.
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