Al-Kafeel Center for Culture and International Media launches its new application (Islam ... Why?)

The Unit of the electronic publication of the Al-Kafeel center for culture and international media has launched a new application for its official website entitled "Islam ... Why?". The application includes a number of services that are similar to what is on the site, but it is more than compatible with mobile phones.

Director of Al-Kafeel Center for Culture and International Media at the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, Mr. Jassam Mohammed Al-Saidi, explained to the AlKafeel Network: "The application contains answers to a number of important questions, such as: Why do we need religion? Why Islam? Who is the Prophet Mohammad (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household)? What are the known prejudices and what are the answer to them by non-Muslims? What is the Holy Book of Muslims? What is the Islamic doctrine? What are the systems developed by Islam to organize life? How to respond to prejudices and claims that Islam does not keep pace with life?

He added: "There are various other windows in addition to the news and articles, including video clips, and also the YouTube channel of the site that has produced more than 32 videos, in addition to a series of programs being prepared within the same channel that will be launched soon, God willing, under the same name (Islam ... Why?). This channel contains a range of cultural, religious and awareness programs, and we would like to point out that (Islam ... Why?) Is directed basically to non-Muslims and then to Muslims who want a new and diverse reading of the Islamic religion as well as reasons and philosophy of the existence of religion for mankind in general.

Indicating: "The application is the first of its kind in the Shiite world, and it is also the first of its kind within the holy shrines. It has been accomplished by the staff of the Al-Kafeel institute for information technology and skills development, using the best designs and software that protect the application from any problems that may occur in the future.

The app can be found in Google Play store

( on the Android system and the staff are working currently on the iOS which will be launched soon on App Store.
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