Mechanisms Department of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine prepares more than 160 vehicles to participate in the transfer plan of the visitors of the mid-Sha'ban.

The Mechanisms Department of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine announced the completion of the plan developed to transport and provide services to the visitors, which included preparing more than (160) vehicles of various capacities, in addition to the specialized vehicles in the relevant axes that have been agreed in advance in coordination with the relevant authorities.

The administrative assistant to the head of the department, Mr. Maitham Abd al-Amir, "The Ziyarat of the Sha'ban is one of the largest Ziyarat that witness the influx of large numbers of visitors [exceeding millions] from inside and outside Iraq. And because one of the most important problems facing visitors is the issue of transport, our department has harnessed all its capabilities for this purpose and to contribute to ease the burden of visitors so they perform their rituals with ease. "

Adding that "the plan set by the department was developed after identifying the axes of internal and external transport, which are assigned to our department, and making all the preparations needed for the vehicles and the staff, will be implemented in conjunction with the implementation of the security and service plan for the Ziyarat, and we have prepared also spare vehicles in case of any traffic situation that may occur".

"The plan will also include a number of specialized vehicles such as ambulances and basins for the transport of water and fuel and fire engines, as well as special cars allocated to repair the vehicles in the event of any temporary malfunction."

Abd al-Amir said: "The staff work according to a schedule that has been developed in accordance with the continuity of the movement over (24) hours on morning and evening shifts."
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