Concerted efforts and outstanding performance by the department of Service Affairs during the Ziyarat of the mid-Sha'ban.

The Service Affairs Department is one of the departments of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, which have direct contact with the visitors by providing services during the Ziyarat seasons, including the Ziyarat of mid Sha'ban, during which all staff were mobilized in order to contribute to creating an ideal Ziyarat atmosphere that contributes to the performance of its rituals with ease.

The head of this department; haj Khalil Mahdi Hanoon told Al-Kafeel Network that: "The service affairs department has made early preparations for the reception of the millions of visitors in the mid of Sha'ban, within a coordinated work plan in which all the divisions of the department and its working units participated, in addition to a large number of volunteers. The services varied according to the specialization of each division, and were as follows:

1 - Provide and maintain a number of freight vehicles to transport visitors from the internal borders to the nearest point of the holy shrine.

2- Provide large quantities of drinking water (RO) and distribute it in the special points inside or outside the shrine, in addition to distributing it to the processions for the service of visitors.

3 - Provide of large amounts of ice to cool water distributed to visitors and service processions.

4 - The creation and organization of the work of shoes depositories (Kishwaniat).

5 - To prepare and organize the work of handing over and receiving the depositories, scattered around the shrine.

6 - Furnishing and preparing spaces for the expansion of the holy shrine for the accommodation of the visitors.

7 - Contribute to guide visitors to places for Ziyarat and organize the process of entry and exit.

8 - Spread roses and flowers on the occasion of the blessed birthday of Imam al-Mahdi (may Allah hasten his holy reappearance) inside and outside of the holy shrine.

9 - Contribute to cleaning the holy shrine and its surrounding and spreading of more than (300) containers of waste and (7 tons) of waste bags in order to contribute to the cleaning of the city and the running of the vehicles to collect these wastes.

  1. Due to high temperatures, umbrellas have been deployed on several axes, so there is a shadow in the road taking by the visitors.

11 - Contribute to the establishment of the congregational prayer.

  1. In order to assist the disabled in the performance of the Ziyarat, a large number of wheelchair were added near the entry gates of the holy shrine.
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