The representative of the supreme religious authority shows its leading role in reform.

The representative of the Supreme Religious Authority Sheikh Abd al-Mahdi Al-Karbala’i has pointed out during the first sermon of the Friday prayers in the holy shrine of Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) on 17th of Sha'ban 1439H, corresponding to May 4, 2018 to its reform role, which has taken since 2003, stating:

The Supreme Religious Authority has worked to monitor the movement of society in all its fields. It has been following its transformations and developments. And whenever it felt that there is a danger threatening the society, it has always placed and developed a program whether through fatwas, statements or Friday sermons, to guide people to the best.

When the political transformations took place in 2003, Iraq was at a critical historical juncture. The Supreme Religious Authority took into consideration the status of the comprehensive curriculum that delineates the political system of Iraq, taking into account its religious, sectarian and social structure, past historical and this era data, as well as the effects of external conditions and others, And at the same time, it did not leave the monitoring and follow-up of the course of the political process and the similar errors and pitfalls, which significantly affected the situation in Iraq. It advised and guided in appropriate language, and identified the sources of error and how to correct it. And also noted carefully the sectarian structure of Iraqi society.

In all its positions, it has endeavored to maintain the peaceful coexistence of the Iraqi people, and has endured all the terrorist acts that targeted civilians with booby-trapped cars and the like, which costed Iraq dear blood.

But the fruit of patience and endurance was more precious and important is to preserve the unity of Iraq, and we do not forget that dangerous historical turning point not only on Iraq, but on the entire region, when all the defenses collapsed before the ISIL gangs that dominated the third of Iraq, and people were shocked and puzzled until the fatwa of the holy defense came resounding, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have rushed to defend their country until they have achieved the victory over the ISIL gangs and only their remnants remain here and there.

The supreme religious authority did not leave the dangerous and sensitive turns that Iraq and its people have undergone, but it has developed a good approach and appropriate guidance for it. However, the reform process is linked to many factors and may falter for reasons that are beyond the will of the reformers and may require a long period of time. And this is the history of people in the process of reform, and it is necessary that everyone feels the responsibility for making change, be patient until putting the situation back on the right track, and work hard in the process of reform.
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