Women Meeting in the Fourth Day of the Fstival

The Meeting
Women meeting in al Abbas holy shrine as an activity of Rabaee al Shahada festival the VIII at 9 am.

Many women from the participated delegations shared the meeting. The meeting dealt with many aspects in religious, cultural and social fields. The aim of the meeting is aiding woman to be on the safe side and in advanced level.

The meeting started with lines of the holy Quran. Then Dr. Eman al Musawy from Iraq explained the guide Husseini center in al imam al Hussein holy shrine. Also showed the aim and the activities of the center.

Research under the title (Fatima Hujat Allah) by Mrs. Khadija Fadel from Iraq showed. The research dealt with aspects of lady Fatima life. Then Mrs. Rua' Hussein showed in her speech the role of Alkafeel Radio in al Abbas holy shrine. Also she explained the aim and the path that the radio uses.

Mrs. Esra'a Samer from religious department of women in the holy shrine explained the role of their section. Then Dr. Luma Shaban al Sherayfi from Lebanon provided a research about the blessings of Shaban month.

Mrs. Zahra Shareef Kashif al Gheta from al Kazem religious school read a poem, then a research by Mrs. Zainab Hatim, she is from the same religious school.

Naseerat al Huja band from al Kazemya city read song about al imam al Mahdi. Then anthem by Entesar band which is related to holy Quran section in imam al Hussein holy shrine.

Mrs. Maymona ended the meeting with speech, she is from coast of ivory. She is the head for foundation contains more than 5000 Muslim women to establish the path of Ahl al Bayt.
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