The Institute of the Holy Quran launches the fourth edition of the national Quranic contest for teams.

In continuation of its last three successful editions, the fourth edition of the National Quranic Team Contest, held by the Center for Readers' Preparation at the Institute of the Holy Quran of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, was held on the evening of the first day of the holy month of Ramadan in the holy shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), with the participation of several Quranic teams from different Iraqi provinces. The contest will last for (15) days, four teams will compete each day. The first day the first competition was between teams of Wasit and Karbala (B) while the second competition was between teams of Baghdad and of Karbala (A).

According to the Official of the Center for Readers' Preparation; the Reader; Sayed Hassanein Al-Helou: "The contest is part of the activity of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine during the holy month of Ramadhan, which was prepared for the revival of the nights and days of this holy month. The contest provides comprehensive Quranic information in an interesting manner, as teams representing many provinces compete. Each team consists of three members (reader, hafez and interpreter). The questions are focused on the specialization of each member of the team, namely the recitation arts of the Holy Quran, the hifz [memorization] as well as interpreting verses of the Holy Quran."

He added: "The questions that are raised are on multiple levels. A draw for the questions is conducted and -for example- the reader is asked to recite some verses using one of the recitation's methods, or he listens to the recitation of one of the old readers and he is asked to specify the reader's name and method of recitation. As for the Hafez, he is asked to continue the recitation of a verse, or the hafez from the first team starts the recitation and the hafez from the second team has to continue the recitation. The interpreter in each team is asked to interpret the meaning of a verse and the rules we learn from it."

Indicating: "There is a jury committee composed of four members specialist in the recitation of the Holy Quran, its arts and rules and interpretation. There are also some questions asked to the visitors. Each day of contest is concluded by honoring one of the families of martyrs of the sufficient duty for Jihad fatwa."

It is worth mentioning that this contest is part of Quranic activities of the Holy Quran Institute during the holy month and is held with the participation of many teams from different Iraqi provinces. This competition combines the rules of recitation, memorization and interpretation, and is transmitted on several satellite channels through free broadcast frequency provided by the AlKafeel Center for photography and technical production. To see the details please click here.
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