Rabee Shahada Festival; Literary Meeting

The Meeting
As an activity in Rabaee al Shahada festival in the holy shrines of al imam al Hussein and al Abbas, literary meeting has been held where many poets and writers attended.

The chairman of media division in al Abbas holy shrine, Mr. Ali al Khabaz announced to Alkafeel "It’s a new idea to list literary meeting as an activity in this great festival. It represents a link between writers union of Karbala and the participators delegations".

Added "The aim of the meeting is collaboration and get relations where emails and phone numbers have been exchanged among the participators".

Also he said we discussed;
1- The types of poetry and their features.
2- The mismatch in understanding.
3- Husseini literature.

There are many items and recommendations how to develop Husseini literary field. Many participators called to establish net site concerning al imam al Hussein case in literary work (poetry, story, and theater).
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