Great Efforts Channels Done in Rabaee al Shahada Festival

The Final Meeting
Many people watched the activities of International, Cultural Rabaee al Shahada VIII in Karbala holy city by the holy shrines of al imam al Hussein and al Abbas.

The chairman of Media Committee of the festival, Sayed Aqeel al Yasery announced to Alkafeel "Papers, channels and on line sites dealt with the activities of the festival. Preparatory committee used the best way to provide media staff with their needs".

Added "Being with great fame, many media aspects showed the world the great effort in this great meeting, Rabaee al Shahad festival".

Explained "Live broadcasting was done by many channels. The committee collaborated with Adhwa'a company for media to broadcast on satellite. All channels got free broadcasting. There was great role to Karbala channel in this meeting. Many interviews have been held with participators".

Many channels attended the final meeting. More than 40 media devices shared the festival.
The holy shrines provided the channels with certificate of appreciate; Karbala, Forat, Anwar, Masar, Fwrqan, Al Welaya from USA, an Naeem, Ghadeer, Al Adwa'a Company for media, Iraqia, Anwar 2, Hura Iraq, Sharqia, Dyar, Eteejah, Fayha'a, Ahad, Ahad Radio, Manar, Masar 1, An Najaf, Kawthar, Belady, Afaq, Hurya, Salam, Sumaria, Imam Hussein channel, Hauleer, Alam, Ahl al Bayt, Anbar, Arasheed, Salah al Deen, Wehda and Baghdad.
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