After three years of interruption, preaching councils and forums of Holy Quran are hold by the effort of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in Sinjar after its liberation from ISIL.

After being overshadowed by the dark thought that lasted more than three years, here is the city of Sinjar Mosul after being freed from the terrorist ISIL gangs breathing from the gate of the month of God the holy month of Ramadhan. The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has opened in it the center of culture and guidance to hold and host Quranic forums and lectures of guidance and education instead of the councils of the terrorist ISIL gangs that were held to intimidate, frighten, punish, and abuse people. But this center works to raise the voice of the Holy Quran and the right whose enemies tried to distort its truth and its image and show it as a religion to kill and slaughter.

Sheikh Haider al-'Aredhi of the religious affairs department at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and supervisor of the Cultural Center for Development and Guidance in Sinjar province, spoke to us about this subject. He said: "After opening the center earlier this holy month, we put together a plan to revive the holy month of Ramadhan, and thank God we have established the first Quranic forum and organized councils for preaching and guidance in Sinjar after an absence of more than three years."
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