Al-Joud Company produces distilled deionized water with high quality specifications.

Al-Joud company of industrial technology and modern agriculture of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has produced a distilled water of high specifications as it is free from salts and ions and compatible with most of the customer's requirements, whether for cars such as water used for the radiators or wipers, or used in household iron or steam boilers in addition to medical uses. The company was able to draw the attention of the Iraqi consumer to this product that meet all these requirements.

The product is characterized as:

- Distilled water free of salts.

- Very high purity.

- Used with water radiator, car wipers, iron and steam boilers in addition to car batteries as well as medical use.

- Does not cause problems of sediment that negatively affect the pipes conveying it.

- Its composition consists of materials that prevent the pipes from rusting and prevent the accumulation or adhesion of impurities to the pipes

- Water is usable for a long period of time.

- Due to its purity and great ability to clean and sterilize and kill bacteria, it can be used in cleaning houses and surfaces, floors, ceramics, marble.

- When used in batteries, it eliminates the salts and impurities that impede the transmission of the charge, in addition to reversing the sulfurization of the lead boards and protect them.

- By its composition, it increases the storage capacity of the battery and the period of power consumption and increases the life of the battery, in addition to reducing the power lost during charging and discharging.

- The product is manufactured in Iraq according to the standards of the Iraqi quality control system.

The product is sold in a capacity of (1.25) liters or (5) liters and it can be found in the direct sales outlets of the company in Karbala province and outside. And for inquiries, please contact the following numbers: 07801930125 or 07801035422 or visit the direct marketing center of the company on the road Karbala / Najaf opposite to the pillar (1145).
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