Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas: ‘Bab ul-Hawaaij’ - the door to settlement of needs.

One of the divine conferment to the faithful supporters of cause of Allah is the grant of supernatural powers to them during their lifetimes and after their death. Such powers indicate the high ranks of those chosen ones in the sight of the Lord. These are also regarded as precious rewards that the true followers of God win in this world for their righteous deeds and great service for their Lord’s sake. Furthermore, such charismata urge others to pursue the examples of such followers.

Thus, people have seen various charismata in the holy shrines and under the domes covering the tombs of the righteous individuals upon whom God conferred the items of His unique kindness and benevolence.

One of these righteous individuals was Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) who won worthily the epithet of ‘the righteous servant of God’. He preceded others in the field of offering everything he had for God’s sake; therefore, the All-benevolent God rewarded him with the best rewards in this world and the world to come. His holy shrine has become the refuge for the fearful and a center for answering of the prayers.

The holy shrine of al-Abbas (peace be upon him) has been showing countless charismata that most people witnessed and reported to one another.

Some of these have taken the form of solving the most complicated problems brought to God through the intercession of al-Abbas. Some have taken the form of completely uprooting the incurable diseases that professional physicians could not treat. Some have taken the form of giving victory to the weak, oppressed ones. Some have taken the form of discovering the most mysterious secrets. After all, under the holy dome that covers the tomb of al-Abbas (peace be upon him) all questions are answered and all problems are solved - all by the permission of God who instructs us to seek means that take us closer to Him:

{Believers, have fear of God. Find the means to reach Him and strive hard for His cause so that you may have everlasting happiness.} (5:35). {Those who want (God’s true guidance) should seek means to their Lord.} (76:29)

People believed that God will surely settle the needs of him who implores to Him by seeking the intercession of al-Abbas (peace be upon him) for the special rank that he enjoys in the sight of Almighty God for dedicating himself to the obedience to Imam al-Hussayn (peace be upon him). Hence, al-Abbas (peace be upon him) is called ‘Bab ul-Hawaaij’ - the door to settlement of needs.
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