Expansion Project; New Prayer Place

Opening the Prayer Place
Within the days of Shaban visitation, and providing best services to visitors, al Abbas holy shrine opened new prayer place under the ground at the southern east side. The new place locates between Forat and Kaf gates. Sayed Ahmad al Safy, the general secretary and the deputy of the general secretary of al imam al Hussein holy shrine, Sayed Afdel al Shami launched the prayer on Tuesday 3 of July 2012.

Engineering project head in the holy shrine, Dhia Alsaygh announced to Alkafeel "The land had been dug 6 m, then the concrete established. Many other works such as electricity, fire points, and alarm established as well. Genuine placed we gained the devices from".
Prayer books, Qurans and other books provided in fixed library.

It is well to be mentioned that the new expansions add to the area of the holy shrine more than 5800 m2 in three floors to provide visitors with great services.

The new stage of the holy shrine after Saddam, many projects have been done by the staff of the holy shrine to show that the holy shrines of Iraq reached advanced levels.
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