The Department of Education and Higher Education introduces a number of its employees to a development training workshop to improve their professional level.

The Department of Education and Higher Education at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine organized a training and development workshop entitled "Methods of cooperation with colleagues and influence", as part of a series of courses and workshops that the Department has established for its educational or administrative staff, in order to develop their professional level and working to keep abreast of the progress in their areas of competence.
The workshop was attended by 40 trainees from various disciplines and supervised by Dr. Hassan Al-Judhayli, an internationally recognized thought coach. He told us about this workshop the following: "The training workshop is one of the workshops and courses of professional development, in which we have introduced nine important methods to the trainees, which are the summary of the findings of psychology in this area, including the respect and understanding of the views of others and other methods such as focusing on common points of individuals away from the points of disagreement in the work topics, as well as training on some ways of thinking, including innovative thinking skills. The trainees have been also trained on the basis of expression and improvisation in some situations. "
"The trainees had a variety of competencies. The positions were presented according to the specialties of the participants, so we have given more explanation and vision according to those common disciplines. Also, we were keen to choose a training position closer from the reality of the trained brothers to provide the greatest benefit to all".
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