The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine participates in the third edition of GTX-I for Information and Communication Technology.

The AlKafeel Center for Information Technology and Skills Development of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine participates in the third edition of GTX-I for Information and Communication Technology held currently in Baghdad International Fair. This participation is one of the series of the holy shrine's participations in the international and local exhibitions to expose its products in various stages and fields.

the Center's administrator; Mr. Samer Falah Hasan al-Safi, stated: "This participation comes to define certain models of the technical products produced by the Center, and is an opportunity to keep abreast of the development in this area because of the wide local and international participation in this exhibition, which is also considered as an important forum for all specialists and those interested in the field of technology and information from ministries, government institutions and public, private, local and global companies. On the other hand, the center participates to send a message that the holy shrines, including the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, possess the expertise and competencies that enable them to take part in this technical and technological field, as they are witnessing continuous qualitative leaps on the intellectual, cultural, urban, agricultural and other fields as well as the field of information technology. "

He added: "Our participation in this edition is by exposing a package of electronic programs manufactured by the staff of the Institute, which proved successful such as the AlKafil Accounting Program, Al-'Ameed Program for Human Resources Management and other programs.

Also, we announced one of the important programs; Al-Seraj, for the management of schools electronically. In addition to presenting our services of the web hosting following one of the centers approved by the Media and Communications Authority, and providing the protection of Data and files, and the technical support service, hosting plans, design and programming of websites according to the latest of what is currently being done. "
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