Announcement of the winning research in the competition of AlKafeel Youth for the intellectual creativity of the scientific publications of the engineering and medical students of Iraqi universities.

The Evaluation and Arbitration Committee announced the winners of the AlKafeel Youth Competition for the intellectual creation of medical and engineering publications of the students of Iraqi universities, with the participation of 60 scientific and medical publications from 33 universities.

The committee stressed that these projects have been evaluated according to scientific standards studied through looking at the creative theoretical and practical sides, and took into account the innovation and solutions to the real problems through these projects. Also the Evaluation Committee unanimously stressed the importance and distinguished creativity of all participating projects of all areas. And the results were as follows:

The winners in the medical field are:

The first winner / student Hussein Mu'ayad Ali, for his project entitled: Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Three-dimensional Hologram Method of the Head tumor.

The second winner / students: Ahmed Bassem, Ali Meqdad, Lou'ay Qais and Abdullah Amara from Yarmouk University, for a project entitled: orthogonal radiography.

The third winner / student Ali Hussein Shaker from Al-Hussein Private College for his project entitled: Design and manufacture of single cylinder fluid pulling system.

The winners in the engineering field are:

The first winner / students: Mohammad Majid Ahmed, Ahmed Muthanna, Marwan Mohammed Alwan, Mohammed Atta Khalaf, Mujtaba Mustafa Thamer, Bilal Khaled Wahib, Taha Yaser Adnan, Nawaf Amer Khalil, Bashar Daoud Hashim, Mohammed Al Mokhtar Yousef and Mostafa Mahdi Ibrahim from the University of Iraq, for a project entitled: Smart Green Interactive City.

The winner of the second place / the students: Bassem Amer Menem and Mustafa Mohammed Mawla, from University of Baghdad / Khawarizmi Engineering College, for a project entitled: simulation of human arm.

The third winner / the students: Ali Saeed and Moataz Ayad, from the University of Technology, for a project entitled: thermal decomposition of the auxiliary agent of plastic waste.
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