In the Anniversary of the Birthday of Imam Mahdi AS; Launching the Candles Festival XII

Festival Activities
Wednesday evening 13 Shaban 1433 – Jul. 4, 2012 launched the Candles Festival XII near the holy shrine of the Messiah imam Mahdi AS attended by masses and some official from the two Holy Shrines.

This festival is launched every year via lightening candles fitting the age of the imam AS reaching 1178 this year forming (The Messiah is From Us).

The ceremony opened with a recitation of some verses form the Holy Quran by Mustafa Al Saraf to be followed by the statement of the two holy shrines delivered by sayed Adnan Al Musawi congratulating Muslims in the anniversary of the birth of the Messiah, Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his reappearance) and showing the greatness of this night after the Laylat al Qadr.

Sayed Adnan stated some works to be done on this night, the most significant is visiting Imam Hussein AS and worship and reciting Duas, supplications and also celebrating the birth of imam Mahdi AS.

After that, sheik Ja’afer Ibarahimi delivered his lecture about the issue of Imam Mahdi AS, reciting some verses and narration that ensure the case of imam Mahdi AS. It is a humanitarian case to save the whole world from depression, not just a Shiite issue.

Then, Hajj Ali Alsafar announced finishing the works of covering the dome of the holy shrine with Karbalaei tiles.

The ceremony included reciting many verses of the Holy Quran and some narrations and poems.
At the end of the festivals, many presents distributed on attendants.

History books state: he is Mohammed ibn Al Hassan Al Askari AS, the messiah of this nation (Muslims) that will bring peace to the whole world. He was born in Shaban 255 AH in Samarra.
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