Achievements of the first application in Iraq "Haqeebat al-Mu'min" after five years since its launch

There are a lot of smartphones applications, but only few that are at a certain level and achieve the best success, as making many updates to remove any technical problem faced by the users and try to improve it. The application "Haqeebat al-Mu'min" launched by the Internet Division at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine is one of these applications that were able to harness the latest modern digital technology to make it accessible to everyone through a smooth application that has a strong relationship with the believer [Mu'min] as it offers services that the believers need in their daily life.

"Haqeebat al-Mu'min" [the believer's briefcase] is one of the integrated Islamic applications to be at the forefront of most similar applications according to the following statistics:

- The first application on the level of downloads in Iraq.

- The App has been downloaded by over 9 million users.

- Monthly active users are 2 million users.

- Install rate of the application per month is three hundred thousand installation process.

- The App has spread widely across the world. It is used in more than 146 countries from around the world.

- The number of obligatory prayers that have been performed through the App has reached 400 million prayers.

- The number of the obligatory prayers performed during the last month of Ramadhan reached more than 35 million, an average of more than one million prayer per day.

- The App works in more than 190 types of mobile phones from different companies, achieving high compatibility of various types of devices whether with limited specifications or advanced ones.

The application is available on the Google Play Store and to download the application, please click here.

And to download it on App Store, please click here.

As for the application of the AlKafeel Global Network, it is available on the following link:
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