Al-Kafeel Center for Information Technology and Skills Development launches Al-Seraj e-school App.

Continuing its series of programs and applications, Al-Kafeel Center for Information Technology and Skills Development of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, announced the launch of the Al-Siraj Application for the e-school, which a communication application between the school and parents to increase their interaction rates, which will contribute to saving effort and time of the teacher and the parent to keep pace with the development in this area, using the modern technology in the service of the educational process in Iraq.

The center's official Mr Samer Falah Hassan Al-Safi explained to Al-Kafeel work: "The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine began to take great strides in the field of electronic technologies. Inspired by the word of the Senior Official; his eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi: (We start from where others have ended). And this application is only one of a number of applications designed, programmed, implemented and produced by the creative Iraqi staff working at the center without the use of any external cadres. The application form a transition in the technical aspect of the education sector as experiences of teachers and experts have been taken. The experience is the first of its kind in this field, under the slogan "Al-Siraj App: many educational services, ease of use".

He added: "The Al-Seraj App for e-school is a qualitative move in the technical aspect of the education sector. It was designed after extensive study and discussion of views and proposals with a number of researchers and specialists in the field of education, to be the first and leading experiments in this field that is distinguished by high level of design and programming."

Explaining: "The App was officially announced at GTX exhibition, after it was successfully tested in more than one school with the appreciation and interaction of both parents and schools."

Mr. Samer called all primary, intermediate or preparatory schools to participate in this electronic experiment, which will solve most of the communication obstacles, and which will be reflected positively on the educational and scientific level of the students."
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