The progress is clear in the early stages of the Sha'ban uprising Encyclopaedia.

The team responsible for writing, documenting and verifying the Encyclopaedia of the Sha'ban uprising declared that its early stages are witnessing clear and significant progress. It is one of the important encyclopaedias that was started by the al-'Ameed International Center for Research and Studies at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine represented by the Department of dictionaries and scientific encyclopaedias.

"The meeting was attended by members of the team and a delegation from the Martyrs Foundation represented by the National Center for Documenting Ba'th Crimes. An expanded meeting was held to provide the team with important documents that will be added to the Encyclopaedia, and discussed many things in this meeting, including: the issue of writing the introductory chapter, as well as documenting documents and interviews." Stated by the official of the concerned department that supervised the project; Dr. Karim Hussein al-Nasseh in the meeting with the research team of this work.

Dr. Fuad Tariq Kadhem, a member of the research team working on the encyclopaedia, said: "We discussed some important issues in this meeting. The most important of these is the emphasis on writing the introductory chapter of this encyclopaedia which deals with the general situation of Iraq before the uprising and the events with it. We have also discussed the issue of receiving the chapters. The first chapter was received from most of the provinces while others started writing the second chapter, achieving very advanced stage. We also discussed the issue of documentation of the documents, personal interviews and how to write them in the encyclopaedia."

The researchers' proposals and their demands were discussed and serious discussions were held to direct the encyclopaedia of the Sha'ban uprising in appropriate way. The researchers discussed the issues presented for the research with high responsibility and reached common points that will have an impact on the achievement of the encyclopaedia.

It is note that the Sha'ban uprising known as March 1991 uprising, was one of the most important events in the history of modern Iraq, as the Iraqi people went out in the street in a heroic revolution against the tyranny and injustice practiced by the Ba'th regime in that era against the patient people of this country.
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