Within the Service, Engineering, and Security Preparations of the Departments of the Holy Shrine to Pass the Mid Shaban Visit

Exceptional Efforts by the Employees of the Department of Holy Shrine Care

Works inside the Holy Shrine
About the preparations to the Mid-Shaban Visitation 1433, Hajj Qasim Awad talked to Alkafeeel net and explained the preparations to the visitation by the department of care of the holy shrine saying: the department started its preparations for the Mid-Shaban Visit to make everything ready for visitors coming to AlAbbas Holy Shrine.

He clarified: the holy courtyard is divided into many sections to make the motion of the visitors easy and to reduce the crowds with the continuous cleaning of the courtyard and providing the cold water for visitors inside and outside the holy shrine. Some employees who had a course in first aid also are distributed in some places to help visitors.

He added: the employees of the department also work on helping the elderly people to perform the visitation and Dua (supplication) and also work on cleaning he holy courtyard with no obstacles for the motion of visitors.

Many employees are distributed in many places of the holy courtyard to answer the questions of the visitors and to help those who need help and to tell them about the places they want to go to.
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