Commemorating the Birthday of Our Redeemer: Visitors Rush Towards Karbala

Crowded Between the Holy Shrines
Visitors crowded in all the roads leading to the Holy City of Karbala. Many hosts are spread along the roads to the holy city of Karbala to server the visitors who come to visit the Holy Shrines in Karbala from inside and outside Iraq in safe and spiritual atmosphere raising the banner of Imam Hussein AS.

Visitors rush towards the holy city of Karbala walking on foot. All the roads leading to the Holy City of Karbala are crowded with millions of visitors to commemorate the Mid-Shaban Visitation, the anniversary of the birth of our Messiah, Imam Mahdi (May God hasted his reappearance). All the main streets in Karala and other adjacent provinces witnessed crowded due to the significance of the occasion.

It is worth mentioning that the Two Holy Shrines have already announced finishing the preparations to the visitation in terms of service and security.

According to the spokesman of the council of the Province of Karbala, Hassan Aday, he announced that the local government of the province has decided that the two days of the visit Wednesday and Thursday to be a public holiday except the service departments (service and security).

Iraqis and Muslims from around the world commemorate this anniversary of our Redeemer, Imam Mahdi AS which is on the fifteenth of Shaban at the Holy Shrine of his grandfather, Imam Hussein AS asking God to hasten his reappearance.
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