Al-Joud Company produces marine algae that create an ideal environment for agricultural crops.

Compost formulations of Al-Joud Company for modern industrial and agricultural technology that are 100 % extracted from marine algae are highly efficient compounds that support the plant in all stages of growth. It contains more than 30 natural compounds and contains elements (K2O 4% - P2O5 4% - N 4%), and natural growth catalysts and micro - elements (manganese - magnesium - calcium - zinc - boron - iron - sulphur - copper).

Farmers use large proportions of them every year for their importance in stimulating plant growth as well as containing micro and macro nutrients and growth-promoting substances such as auxins, vitamins, amino acids, organic compounds, similar compounds and multiple sugars.

It is also a source of nitrogen in the few concentrations, and these extracts are attributed to increased plant resistance to salinity and drought.

The marine algae improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil, increase their ability to retain moisture, increase the activity of microorganisms and affect the growth and productivity of plants depending on the type of extract or marine grass, extraction method, concentration, addition method, time, number of times of addition, plant type and stages of growth.

The use of these extracts leads to the rapid germination of seeds and the growth of seedlings, and increases the growth of roots and the quantity of the yield and improve the quality and delay the aging of fruits, and increases the resistance of the plant to bio and non-biological stress.

These extracts also oxidize as well as increase the content of the leaves of chlorophyllin due to the presence of the substance of Betaine which have an important role in preventing the degradation of chlorophyll.

These compost formulations work to:

  • Increase the volume and activity of the roots.
  • Increase tolerance of plants for high salinity.
  • Low and high temperature tolerance.
  • Support and stimulate acquired immunity.
  • Extend the productive life of the crop and improve its marketing specifications.

It is worth mentioning that the product is manufactured by Iraqi hands and is subjected to quality control tests. It has proved its laboratory and practical success and achieved good results. The product is available at the company's direct sales outlets in Karbala governorate and abroad. For inquiries, call 07801930125 or 07801035422 or visit direct marketing center of the company on the road (Karbala / Najaf) face to pillar (1145).

The company has already introduced four combinations and is working on adding other combinations:

1 - ALgazone Delta 4.

2 - ALgazone potassium plus.

3 - ALgazone Evergreen.

4- ALgazone MX30.
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