The al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine organizes a specialized course in the causal dynamics of the brain.

As part of its series of specialized courses aimed at transferring scientific experiences from international universities and achieving a state of communication and exchange of experiences, the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine organized a course on the "causal dynamics theory of the brain" in order to create a state of scientific communication between the holy shrine and the scientific and academic institutions, which contributes to the development of scientific mobility, and works to transfer the latest findings of the world in various sciences.

The course, which was hosted by the Complex Hall of the Imam Al-Hadi (peace be upon him), and which was attended by 45 participants from 16 different universities and disciplines, lasts for eight days during which the participants attend lectures delivered by Dr. Shamil Hadi Mohsen, representative of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine in the USA and teaching professor at the American University of Auckland.

The curriculum will include an introduction to the brain's neurological software and the practical applications of the software, which is part of studies and research conducted by a group of American professors including the lecturer. Also, there will be a review of the methods of achieving a global intelligent generation, analysing how the nerve signals are sent to the blood circulation and brain regions, and the work of intersections and signals sent, and analysis of psychological and neurological state, as well as the mechanism of intersections and signals transmitted and methods of modern science in the study of brain dynamics, simulation of brain journey and nerve messages that include data collection, standardization and programming according to a system that works with high and infinite precision, producing a series of smart duties in a record time.
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