Project of teaching the correct reading of prayer, one of the projects of the Institute of the Holy Quran.

The Institute of the Holy Quran in the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine adopts many different Quranic projects, all of which share one axis and one goal: to contribute to the consolidation and rooting of the culture of the Book of Allah among people at all levels, thus investing all opportunities and appropriate times to achieve these goals.

Among these projects is the teaching the correct reading of the prayer, which is held on the roads leading to the holy shrines of Karbala during the seasons of the Ziyarat of Arba'een, Ashura, or Sha'ban, while in the rest of the days, it is held in the holy shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) to teach the visitors the correct recitation of the Surat that are mostly read in the daily prayers.

The project focuses on the recitation of the Quranic chapters that are recited in the obligatory prayers, as the prayer is the pillar of religion, including Surat Al-Fatihah and Ikhlas and Kawthar, as many visitors do not know how to recite them or make mistakes in the recitation, which may invalidate their prayer.

This project is managed by a group of readers of the institute, who teach the visitors the correct recitation with the use of a folder containing all the recitation errors that normal people make while reading. The visitor then reads his prayer while the teacher is showing him his mistakes and teaching him the correct pronunciation.

The project is highly demanded by the visitors, because it is presented in a simple and easy way, supported by live examples that make the visitor avoid mistakes in the future.
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