Fatima Bint Asad Quranic School launches a program of self-improvement as part of its educational and guidance programs.

As part of its series of education, guidance and awareness programs, which were established by the Al-kafeel religious girls schools at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, the Fatima Bint Asad (peace be upon them) Quranic School launched the self-improvement program, an integrated educational program set up by a specialized committee targeting girls of different ages, to contribute to increasing their culture, religious awareness and knowledge of life within strict Islamic frameworks and concepts derived from the Shariah, the Book of Allah, and the narrations of the Prophet and Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them).

The program is held weekly by three hours and takes place from the center of the pure friend (peace be upon him) of the holy Abbasid threshold starting with him, beginning with the beginning of the summer vacation and investment with the participation of a group of girls after the announcement of this program, which focuses on how to contribute to the preparation of an emerging generation of girls armed with an Islamic culture that helps them to resist all intellectual attacks that are trying to weaken this nation, especially the girls.

The program includes:

- Lessons in the teaching of reading the Holy Quran.

- Lessons in the interpretation of certain Quranic verses related to the reality we are currently living.

- Explanation of doctrinal issues.

- General cultural lessons.

- Guidance lectures.

- General culture activities.
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