The Islamic Center for Strategic Studies invites researchers to participate in its project entitled "The West in the Mirror of Muslim Travelers".

The Islamic Center for Strategic Studies of the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine called on researchers and thinkers to participate in its project entitled "The West in the Mirror of the Muslim Travelers", a group research project that tries to shed light on these trips, in a critical analysis, as it helps the activists in the "West world" to know what are the strengths and weaknesses of the West from their point of view, and what are the practical steps that they tried to apply in the Islamic center after their return, and how these applied steps followed by the alienation of the Muslim community and the change of its identity, or it contributed to the development of the status of Muslims.

The Center has identified conditions and methodology of works, as follows:

1 - The research must be familiar with trips, whether printed or the manuscript, and whether it came before the era of modernity or after it.

2 - Communicate with the Editorial Department to register and reserve the elected subject.

3 - Not only the narrative and description, but the need to do criticism and analysis.

  1. Assign one page to identify the author of the trip.

5- The number of search pages should not exceed 25 pages.

  1. The research shall be the property of the Center and shall have the right to re-publish it in its work or to translate it into other languages.
  2. Financial reward shall be granted to the researcher.

8- The period of time to submit the research is maximum (4) months.

9 - Taking the observations of the Scientific Committee, if any.

10 - To contact the project management or to send research to the following mail:

It is noteworthy that the trip to the West is one of the earliest ways how the Muslims knew the West directly, where they took down their observations and mentioned the details of the trip, which is indispensable for the students of the West. These travel books have proliferated in the Islamic world to the east and west; some of them have survived to the present day and others have disappeared.
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