Liquid soap for domestic and industrial use, one of the products of the Iraqi al-Joud Company.

Al-Joud Company is manufacturing in addition to its many products, the liquid soap for domestic and industrial use, which is a pure Iraqi product manufactured according to the best international standards. This production line is complementary to another production line to form an integrated line within the plan developed by the company in the midst of the demand for natural, safe and healthy products to meet the needs of the Iraqi consumer. This soap is not only made of highly efficient and safe materials, from its compounds, perfumes and color, but it also has benefits that exceed those of other expensive products or of poor quality, which are present in the market, because of the impact of their good marketing.

The company has introduced six types of liquid soap at the present time with the possibility of adding other qualities in the future in line with the wishes and demands of the Iraqi family. The product is currently produced in bottles of (500 ml) and (3.5 liters) capacity, these types are:

- Liquid soap with Lavender fragrance.

- Liquid soap with Jasmine fragrance.

- Liquid soap with Rose fragrance.

- Liquid soap with Coconut fragrance.

- Liquid soap with Apricot fragrance.

- Liquid soap with oud fragrance.

The product has many specifications, including:

- So gentle that it suits dry, sensitive or damaged skin.

- Very high Power of cleaning.

- Fast reaction and foams easily without leaving a harmful effect on the skin.

- Helps to clean and moisturize the hands.

- has a creamy luminous composition that leaves the sensation of soft hands.

- Selected aromatic ingredients that give a long lasting smell.

- Suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

- Manufactured within the Iraqi specifications that comply with international standards.

- It has no side effects and is environmentally friendly.

- Has a great ability to remove bacteria and eliminate them.

- Its stability at a moderate price.

The product is sold at the direct sales outlets of the company in the province of Karbala and outside, and for inquiries, contact (07801930125) or (07801035422) or visit the direct marketing center of the company on the road Karbala / Najaf in front of the pillar (1145).
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