The Supreme Religious Authority sets a road map for the next government.

The Supreme Religious Authority set a road map for the next government stating that it should be formed as soon as possible on the right bases of effective and honest competencies. The Prime Minister shall bear full responsibility for the performance of his government and should be firm, strong and courageous in combating financial and administrative corruption which is the basis of most of the country's suffering. This is his first duty and his main task by waging a relentless war against the corrupt and their protectors. And his government should undertake to work in accordance with a program based on scientific foundations that includes taking effective and studied steps, including the following:

First: Adoption of proposals for draft laws submitted to the House of Representatives that include the abolition or amendment of the laws in force that grant rights and benefits to certain categories that are incompatible with the promotion of equality and justice among the people.

Second: Submit bills to the House of Representatives for the purpose of filling the legal gaps that are exploited by the corrupt to achieve their purposes, and give the Integrity Commission and other control authorities, wider choices in the fight against corruption and the corrupted ones.

Third: The application of strict controls in the selection of ministers and all other government appointments, especially for senior positions and special grades, so as to prevent those who are not competent, those accused of corruption, those who discriminate between citizens according to their sectarian or political affiliations and those who exploit government positions for their own, family or parties' benefits.

  1. Directing the Office of Financial Supervision to the necessity of ending and scrutinizing the final accounts of the general budgets in previous years and all contracts and financial allocations for the previous years at the level of each ministry and governorate, and the need to announce the results of the audit with high transparency to expose the manipulators with public funds and the ones who stolen them, in order to hold accountable the defaulters and bring the corrupt to justice. And the next House of Representatives has to deal seriously with all the steps of reform and approves the necessary laws for that. And if the government disengaged from work as promised or the matter is delayed in the House of Representatives or the judiciary power, the people will only have to develop their peaceful protest methods to impose their will on officials, supported by all the best forces in the country, and then the scene will have a different face than what is today, but we hope that there is no need to do so. Hoping that reason, logic and the benefit of the country will be the focus center of those in the positions of responsibility and decision to settle the situation before it is too late, and God is the supporter for the right.
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