Medical preparation to Shaban Visitation

Emergency Plan by Medical Detachment of the Holy Shrine

Medical Detachment Work
The medical detachment of the holy shrine depends on special plan during Mid-Shaban visitation in collaboration with Karbala health office.

The deputy of the detachment, Muntazer M. Hadi announce to Alkafeel "Many medical detachments have been opened in the area between the holy shrines and the nearby areas to provide visitor great services. Also there is another detachment within the holy shrine procession on the way of Najaf-Karbala. Health office of Karbala provides us with staff to aid visitors in this holy meeting".

Added "Each medical detachment has doctor or assistant. Doses and treatments provide to help visitors. The work is around the clock. Also there is women staff within each medical detachment to aid women".

Hadi asked visitors to be careful in eating foods on the leading way to the holy shrines. He asked them to eat only from processions with ID from Husseiny processions and body in Karbala.

It well to be mentioned that the office of the holy city of Karbala for health with collaboration of imam Hussein and al Abbas medical detachments provides visitors with treatments and aids them to pass the hard conditions they face.
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